Protecting the environment whilst leveraging green energy sources is what you do.

Environmental protection is part of the Northey DNA, embedded into the design and manufacture of every piece of equipment we produce. Almost every type of renewable energy cycle requires a piece of turbomachinery. Compressors, fans, blowers, pumps, turbines all are critical components in a wide range of renewable energy applications.

Our fans, blowers or compressors collect landfill & biogas generated in anaerobic digesters, while our air fans are used to increase the efficiency of biomass, wood and waste boilers.


Building on our expertise over the last 75 years, we always take an innovative approach to solving conventional problems. We strive to continuously update and improve our solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers and comply with government regulations.

Our promise to you:

- Low lifecycle costs

- Responsive customer service

- Life-time warranty with a full-service contract

We tailor every application around your needs

Our expert engineering team builds solutions around your specific requirements. Call us or email us to discuss.

Save up to 35% in energy costs and carbon consumption

All our products offer a low energy, low maintenance solution with an outstandingly low total cost of ownership or total expenditure (TOTEX) over their lifetime.

Products made for progress

Our industry-leading craftsmanship and engineering expertise ensure you'll always receive products that are low maintenance and high performing!

Air-Cooled Tiger Compressor

Highly efficient, reliable and extremely durable, the Air-Cooled Tiger Compressors don’t need oil lubrication, making them low-cost, low-noise and environmentally friendly.

Side Channel Blowers & Exhausters

Highly efficient, reliable and extremely durable, the Northey Side Channel Blowers don’t need oil lubrication, making them low-cost, low-noise and environmentally friendly.

Hook and Claw Compressor

Northey's trademark Hook and Claw machine can deliver oil-free pressure and vacuum from 1mb up to 8 barA, with typical flow rates from 0-1000m3/hr. All with minimal maintenance and long MTBF as evidenced by our thousands of installations, a

Seal-less Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

With over 75 years of experience, we deliver high-quality seal-less, leak-free vacuum pumps and compressors.

How can we help you?

Our specialists are ready to help. If you have a question about one of our products, need advice selecting a solution or you’re after maintenance or service from our engineers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.