The food and drink sector relies on compressed air systems to power its process, production and packaging lines and our products can be used in a range of processes across the industry.

Our high-speed turbos produce dry and oil-free compressed air up to 10 bar and can help you achieve the highest level of hygienic standards while saving up to 35% in energy costs.


Regardless of whether compressed air comes into direct contact with your products, contaminants must be completely removed to eliminate the risk of product corruption and spoilage. Our compressors are totally oil-free, meaning there is no risk of oil or oil vapour entering production.

Process gas and fumes can be compressed or exhausted using equipment with seal-less technology.

We also understand a key challenge in the sector is increasing costs, which is why our products and solutions are designed to help increase your efficiencies while lowering operating budgets.

We tailor every application around your needs

Our expert engineering team builds solutions around your specific requirements. Call us or email us to discuss.

Save up to 35% in energy costs and carbon consumption

All our products offer a low energy, low maintenance solution with an outstandingly low total cost of ownership or total expenditure (TOTEX) over their lifetime.

Products that get results

Our industry-leading craftsmanship and engineering expertise ensure you'll always receive products that are low maintenance and high performing!

Cold Nitrogen Blowers

Designed to be adaptable, cost-effective and energy-efficient, our High-Speed Turbo Blowers are reducing aeration costs by up to 35% for our customers Northey Turbo Blowers have a small footprint and are lightweight for a flexible installa

Air-Cooled Tiger Compressor

Highly efficient, reliable and extremely durable, the Air-Cooled Tiger Compressors don’t need oil lubrication, making them low-cost, low-noise and environmentally friendly.

Side Channel Blowers & Exhausters

Highly efficient, reliable and extremely durable, the Northey Side Channel Blowers don’t need oil lubrication, making them low-cost, low-noise and environmentally friendly.

Oil-Free Dry Compressors

How can we help you?

Our specialists are ready to help. If you have a question about one of our products, need advice selecting a solution or you’re after maintenance or service from our engineers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.